The Story of Lion Rock Beer

Lion Rock Brewery was founded in 2015 with the Lion Rock Spirit of the 70’s as a point of departure. Centred on the fighting spirit that shows diligence and perseverance, a local craft beer brand built by the Hong Kong people that allows Hong Kong to have its very own flavour.


Times have changed. Hong Kong has been handed down from generation to generation. Instead of staying in the old days, Lion Rock Brewery, together with Hong Kong, moves with the times. We wish to immortalise the Lion Rock Spirt by brewing the most exceptional local craft beer.In the 70’s, hard-working Hong Kong people raised their families all by themselves. Lion Rock Spirit, the fighting spirit that shows diligence and perseverance, was thus forged under such circumstances. Nowadays, younger generation becomes more autonomous, creative and unorthodox. The Lion Rock Spirit is being redefining. Instead of discarding the fighting spirit of the older generation, the younger generation succeeds to the spirit and has reinvented it into modern-day features.


All of us have a dream that we want to achieve so badly, and the younger generation knows best. This dream is not necessarily pursuing money, but rather something else. It can be a lifestyle that enriches your knowledge and experience, a system that upholds justice, a job that fulfils your ambition. Everyone longs for something that is precious to themselves, so does Lion Rock Brewery. We long for brewing the most spectacular local craft beer, and we fulfil our ambition by blending exquisite craftsmanship, precise instruments, finest ingredients with our unique imagination. It has always been our mission to revolutionise the popular view of craft beer and, most importantly, to restore the tradition of people’s longing for quality craft beer.


Each bottle of Lion Rock Beer you savour reflects not only the attitude of Lion Rock Brewery, but also the attitude of Hong Kong!


Our Beer

With our continuous innovation, we strive for brewing the most exceptional craft beer, as well as different spectacular flavours of craft beer. We want to keep up with Hong Kong people, who constantly looking for enjoyment. We insist on making the most of the finest basic ingredients of beer, namely water, malts, hops and yeasts. Artificial additive has never been and will never be an option to our brewery. We blend local elements in our latest selection of beer, such as Osmanthus, Lemongrass, Green Tea, Hazelnut and Chrysanthemum. We endeavour to push the envelope of local craft beer, adding a touch of innovation to the traditional craft beer. We are going to bring out more craft beer with characteristic new flavour.


Lion Rock Brewery of the World

Brewed 100% in our factory in Hong Kong, our craft beer is available in over 100 places, including hotels, bars, restaurants and supermarkets. Our brand has also dashed out of Hong Kong. It was found in Japan, Vietnam, and Macau.


Recently, our brand manages to take a step further into the market of Mainland China, including Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shanghai, and more on the way. We wish to let more people savour our craft beer and popularise the spirit of our brand both at home and overseas, letting the world know the unbeatable spirit of Hong Kong.